Tuning In by Chris Neal Book Blast $.99 Deal!

How would you like to be twelve and be able to hear the unadulterated thoughts of every confused adult around you? Not every memory, but a person’s active thoughts. It makes for an interesting … [Read more...]

Unchained Melody by Cynthia Roberts on Sale and Contest

Pamela Landers had it all, a senior partnership with a top law firm, expensive car, and a luxurious condo. What she desired most was a loving husband, children and a life filled with precious memories … [Read more...]

Hey Preschoolers, Head “Back to School” in Style with a Special “First Day of School” Outfit from Feltman Brothers

Classic, Heirloom Clothing Designed for Pre-School That Makes Your Little Student Feel Like a Star Let’s face it, kids clothes don’t last like they used to.  Quality craftsmanship has gone by the … [Read more...]

Seer: The Ghosts of Gray Fable – Eli Bloom Young Adult Book

Fifteen-year-old Grace “Gray” Fable can speak to the dead. When her dad moves from Los Angeles to be with his mysterious girlfriend, Gray must attend notorious Willowbrook High School, the scene of a … [Read more...]

Angel Hero – Lizbeth Hartz Book Blast

Dazzled by open-hearted Hawaii firefighter Vic Lazzarini, dispatcher Lizbeth is puzzled by his friendship with Jaku Cardoza, a little man who thinks he’s something big. Liz shakes like a palm frond in … [Read more...]